Evangel Bible Translators, Int’l        John and Diana Lubeck      Update  May 1, 2021


Dear Knee Mail Buddies,

I (John) wrote the first part of this update last week, but would like to share it with you. It’s pretty long, but I think you will be glad if you read it clear to the end.)


Today is Thursday (April 22) and this is the day our daughter Kathy came to our house to bring us groceries and to visit. What a blessing! But since the street in front of our house is being cemented (it’s been dirt all these years), Kathy had to park about a block away and several of us went out to help carry all the groceries into the house. (We need lots of groceries because we feed at least 11 people three times a day all week long.)

This afternoon Diana and Kathy decided to make Old fashioned peanut butter cookies. They made a quadruple recipe so there are plenty to go around (5 dozen). I already started eating my first one. Yum! That’s what is going on in the kitchen.

But in the conference room there is lots of activity inside and out—they are building our new fireplace! And it doesn’t lack too much to be completed, PTL. Maybe in another week or two they will get done with all of the details. The mason told Diana that she shouldn’t put a fire in it for a month. That will be clear until the last week of May. Not that it’s cold or anything, but you never know. Maybe some unseasonable cold air will blow down from the north pole! Right! (It’s been around 100 degrees for the last week or two.)


April 28, 2021. The inside part of the fireplace is done! Praise the Lord! The mason that came to do the fireplace from the capital has finished his job and left. But our regular local masons are completing all the details, mostly outside. The chimney is pretty high, since it is supposed to be higher than the peak of the roof, so it is visible from the whole neighborhood. And the other day when the mason did a small paper fire to make sure the smoke goes up the chimney like it is supposed to, all the neighbors noticed the smoke and were happy for it. Now when we actually cook meat on the BBQ option, the neighbors are really going to be happy for all the good smells!

I keep saying that Isaiah is nearly finished, and that is still true. But now I am counting the verses left to deal with instead of how many chapters are left. Appreciate your prayers for this. It is a great book, but very deep and complicated. Pray we get it all right. Thanks.

(Diana) The Chortí children’s radio programs continue to take a lot of our time and Nathan’s time as well. Program number 44 was just completed and is ready for us to record next Tuesday. We know that putting the Word of God out in Chortí is having a great effect on the Chortí speaking community. One of the reasons we know this is that we are experiencing lots of spiritual warfare against us and our equipment and the radio transmission. Interestingly enough, when our program is aired on Saturday mornings, there are often glitches in the transmission and the sound of our voices is not clear. That makes us very suspicious that the enemy doesn’t want the Word of God in Chortí to reach the Chortí children and adults. Now, this is where you all come in: Please pray extra on Saturday mornings (10:30 Central American time, like Mountain time) that God’s Word will penetrate the darkness of this area and that God’s light through His Word will come through clearly. Thank you for praying.

We realize that there are many, many viewpoints regarding the covid vaccine. And each one of us, before the Lord, have to decide where we stand. John and I have been praying for a vaccine to come to Guatemala, because we have lost so many of our precious friends. The area that we live in is considered a red zone because of so many cases of covid. We were notified this week that there will be a vaccine available for all people above 70 who wish to receive it as of May the 4th. We feel this is an answer to many prayers. In all heartfelt honesty, we pray that this will diminish the number of deaths in our area, which has been heartbreaking for us.
We praise God for His gracious supply during this whole time of lock down. Our conference room is nearly finished, and the fireplace is done (lacking only the brick veneer on the chimney outside). This sacred place is now ready to be used for marriage seminars, Sunday School teachers’ conferences, Bible studies, Bible conferences, family birthday parties, worship services, Chortí children’s choir events, and special celebration banquets. This has all happened because God has ordained that this special place be constructed and has provided for it every step of the way. So now we need another miracle—that the covid 19 pandemic will end. So please pray with us that the conference room will soon be safely open for large gatherings so people’s hearts can be enriched by the power of the Holy Spirit in this place. The coffee bar is ready. The banquet table is set. And we are ready to serve our Lord Jesus by proclaiming His Word and serving His children with love and delightful nourishment for body and soul.
         Thank you for your love, support, and prayers.

Joyfully in Jesus,

John and Diana Lubeck
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