S.O.S. – Sowers of Seeds       Luther and Lolitta Atwell
Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ
We are so grateful for your help and prayers, as we prayed along with Pastor David Armente from Ejido Nayarit for a church building for his congregation the Lord moved through a number of avenues. The price of the Church property was lowered from $18,000 dollars to $10,000, and the funds were provided by the body of Christ. There were more repairs needed than we first thought but God knows what we need and funds came in exceeding the $10,000. Pastor was able to pay for a new roof, interior repairs and all the paper work required by the Mexican government. The congregation all worked hard together to do the physical work and are now enjoying the new church.   Pastor David wish to thank all those who have helped their dream come true. 
Pastor, Missionary                                                                                     December 8, 2018
Luther Atwell
Click on the links below of pictures of the church before and after.
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Dear Knee Mail Buddies,             Enclosed is the latest edition of the Lubeck Locator newsletter in a PDF file for printing(see below link). It has lots of pictures and stories. Enjoy.             Since we will be leaving for a two month furlough on August 28th, we have several difficult deadlines to reach and we need your faithful prayers to see these miracles happen. Thank you for praying for:

  1. On August 1stand 7ththere we will do closing programs in two village schools. We will be taking the Angel Choir to sing at both schools. Pray for the safety of the choir as they go up the long mountain road in the back of two pickups.
  2. Please pray for the finishing of our ministry video which Diana is working on this week.
  3. Pray for our health and strength for all that needs to be done in the next little while.
  4. Next Monday a large team of masons will start building all the forms and iron work for the roof of our conference room. This cement roof needs to be poured on the 23rdof August at the latest. Please pray that this miraculously happens in the time we have.
  5. Please pray for God’s supply for all the extra expenses for all that is happening during the next four weeks—and for all these wonderful activities.
  6. Please pray for God’s supply for printing 1 and 2 Samuel. Mama Diana plans to give a copy to each of the children she has taught this year.

          Thank you for your prayers. Prayer is so powerful.


Joyfully in Jesus,

John and Diana Lubeck

Gifts and donations can be made by sending a check made out to our mission with a note added saying it is for the ministry of John and Diana Lubeck. Additionally, donations may be made using a credit or debit card by calling the mission office and giving them the information. If you wish to help with a certain project, please mention it in your note and we’ll be sure to use the funds as you have designated.

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