Evangel Bible Translators, Int’l        John and Diana Lubeck      Update October 19, 2019


Dear Knee Mail Buddies,


This beautiful Saturday afternoon finds us in the lovely cabin of Bob and Nomie Fraser in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. Tomorrow we will be speaking in two local churches. We have shared in many churches in both English and Spanish during these two months, from Texas to Chicago, to Ohio, and now in Arkansas. The time has passed very rapidly and we are trusting that we have been a blessing.  

            We had a very sweet experience ministering in a Christian school last Monday. Those precious children, although several shades lighter than the dear ones we work with in Guatemala, also have the honesty and transparency that only a child can have. The urgency to reach children for Jesus here in the United States and among the Chortí in Guatemala is never far from our hearts. Every time we watch our own ministry video about the children God has placed in our path to teach about the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ, we continue to be touched by the Lord.



By the way, you can see our ministry video on YouTube by looking for “John and Diana Lubeck Ministry video 2019.”

            We have only three more Sundays before we return to Guatemala. We urgently need your prayers for these meetings. We see that the needs of children are great everywhere we go. The devil is working hard to steal these precious little ones from God’s trail. Our message here in the US is similar to what we are doing in Guatemala. We are emphasizing the importance of God’s Word in our lives as adults and in the lives of our children and grandchildren. Please pray for these three Sundays that are left that God would use us to extend His kingdom no matter where we are.  

            And please pray for the projects which still need to be funded.

Construction Needs for the Conference Room

Ø  Plastering

Ø  Doors and windows

Ø  Floor

Ø  Painting

Children’s Ministries

Ø  Transportation

Ø  Teaching materials

Ø  Treats

Ø  Choir trips for performances

Ø  Choir uniforms for 35 children

Chortí Old Testament Translation

Ø  Printing Daniel and Malachi

Ø  Scholarships for our co-translators’ children to go to a Christian school

Thank you so much for your partnership with us and the Chortí people of Guatemala.

Joyfully in Jesus,

John and Diana Lubeck

Gifts and donations can be made by sending a check made out to our mission with a note added saying it is for the ministry of John and Diana Lubeck. Additionally, donations may be made using a credit or debit card by calling the mission office and giving them the information. If you wish to help with a certain project, please mention it in your note and we’ll be sure to use the funds as you have designated.  

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