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Dear Knee Mail Buddies,

         I just reread our last update which was sent to you on February 1st. I was shocked to realize that that was almost two months ago. I won’t bother with an excuse of how busy we have been because you all are more important than our busyness. But I will say, forgive us for letting the time get away from us.

 Enough of that because there is so much to share with you. First of all, the choir met four times with us in February in the village, and then on March 2nd we began to bring the 58 children to our home in two pickup trucks every Wednesday for their practices. The kids are delighted with this arrangement. So at 2 PM they ascend upon us with giggles and smiles and laughter that fills us with joy clear down to our toes. All the children except one (who ran off to get married) who were in the choir before the pandemic have returned. But now they are 17, 18, and even 19 years old and still want to be in the choir. And along with these teens, a group of 25 little guys joined them. Now when I say little, I mean little. There are a whole bunch of 6 and 7-year-olds who are little brothers and sisters of the big kids. Now a Chortí child who is 6, 7, or 8 is the size of other children who are 4, 5, or 6. So we are talking about tiny munchkins. Little ones in the Chortí culture are often ignored, so they haven’t learned to listen or to follow directions. It is kind of like expecting 25 cats to fall into line and march around the room. How’s that working for you? Well, honestly folks, I was thinking about removing these little ones because they are too little to be in the choir. Often they just sit and stare and standing and sitting together with the other choir members is almost funny. So I went to prayer about this problem and the Lord lovingly corrected me by speaking to my heart. He said, “Let all the children come unto me and don’t deny them.” So, I quickly changed course and started seeking a way to make this work. I talked to our local Latin pastor to see if he had any ideas. He sent three of his young people to help with the little ones. So after we have had an hour and a half of practice all together, these three young people take the little kids out and play games with them for the last hour. That way John and I can have some quality time with the older kids, for discipleship and for working on singing in parts.

 Well, now it is April 1st. The children came on Wednesday and the little ones did a lot better. I did some special exercises just for them. I took the 15 littlest guys and had them march in order around the conference room five times while the older ones sang. And then I tried to get them all to stay standing until everyone sat down together at my signal. About half of them caught on and then I stood them all up together and then sat them down together about five more times. They enjoyed the extra attention and there were lots of giggles and joy, praise God. That was the bright spot in the practice.

         Each week seems to have its own challenges. This week had a whopper that needs urgent prayer. There are four teenage boys, (now that in itself is a call to prayer) who sing very little, are disrespectful, and are demonstrating toxic behavior around the other teens (mostly girls).

         As a teacher I’d say, “Take them to the principal’s office,” but even when Papa Juanito (our principal) is standing right beside them, they obey as little as possible. My heart cries out to the Lord for Fernando, Jeremías, William, and Ezekiel, that they will let the Lord change their hearts and attitudes by inviting Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. This will take a miracle (and thank God that do we believe in miracles). Please pray for these boys. They are at a crossroads and we are believing in the name of Jesus that they will take the right road.

         Also pray that the children will catch the vision of being a light for Jesus in front of their own people. Our first performance will be held on Wednesday, May 4th, right here in our conference room. We are inviting the pastors of the three different churches that the children attend, and also a few local pastors and folks who are supporting the choir. The Lord has directed us to have a special dedication time for these children and to have these pastors lay hands on the heads of each child and pray for them. Then we will begin to visit village churches with the choir so that the people can see that these children are not ashamed of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

         Also please pray for the supply of the monthly expenses for the choir which are over $500 a month, and that does not include the expense of traveling with them when we will go to village churches to perform.

         And while we are talking about children, we want you to know that Mama Diana and Papa Juanito’s Bible program on the radio for Chortí children is still going strong. Nathan Cordero, a pastor’s son who does the recording of the radio programs, came this week and we recorded a precious book which John and the translation team put into Chortí called, “The Four Keys to Starting a Relationship with God,” which was written by Brad and Kathy Bright. It is like the four spiritual laws except in story form for children. It is a wonderful teaching and the radio audience is going to love it.

The Old Testament translation is an ongoing project which always needs your prayers which are very much appreciated. Javier, who helped John finish the Chortí New Testament years ago, is an answer to your prayers because he is now coming twice a week, and he and John are working on the book of Psalms. (We printed 41 selected Psalms some years ago, but now we are finishing the other 109 Psalms.)

Javier is a miracle. Our healing Jesus has brought him through a terminal illness, and it was reported at last week’s doctor’s appointment that he is completely healed. Praise God! He is a great asset to our team. He is a godly Chortí man who is full of faith and the Holy Spirit.

         We are so blessed with our Chortí team. They have become like family to us. We have known our carpenter ever since he was 12 years old. He just finished a beautiful double sized pulpit for us so John and I can stand side-by-side and when we teach together. Eulogio is such a talented and godly man. Thank you for praying for his land and house situation. The Lord has supplied $6000 for this project and he has found a lot for that price. He is so excited and blessed. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for funds for him to build his small house. If you want to help with this project, just designate your gift “For the carpenter” and we will make sure he gets every penny of it.


 Well, if y’all have read clear down to here, you must love us as much as we love you, and that is a lot! We do love you and appreciate your prayers and support. We pray God’s blessings on each one of you and that the windows of heaven will open so you will have more than enough to fill your tanks with gas.

Hugs from Guatemala,

John and Diana Lubeck

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