Evangel Bible Translators, Int’l        John and Diana Lubeck      Update  November 30, 2021


Dear Knee Email Buddies,

We are so happy to be back in Guatemala after a very successful time in the United States. We enjoyed so much sharing in churches and visiting many of you in your homes. This is the most blessed furlough that we’ve ever had. And the thanks are all due to the Lord and to you who hosted us wherever we went.

We ministered in 13 different churches, did children’s programs in two different schools, and one youth group. We traveled to seven different states and were treated royally wherever we went. And the food, also good and so much! So, to say the least, we are now on diets to lose what we have called in the past “the furlough spread.”

In a previous update we asked for your prayers for our friend Lynn’s open-heart surgery. We are happy to inform you that the surgery went very well and that she is recuperating faster and better than they could even expect. Praise the Lord! Thank you so much for your prayers, and praise God that our friend Lynn is on the way to complete recovery from her surgery.

We just celebrated Thanksgiving, session number one, with our daughter Kathy’s family. This year we celebrated on Saturday instead of Thursday, since Thanksgiving is not a holiday here in Guatemala. It was a very special event filled with many blessings and many testimonies of the wonders that God had done in each person’s life. There was music led by one of the young families, including their little four-year-old daughter who loves Jesus and is not ashamed to say so. And our good friend and brother/son, Daniel Plowman, was also able to be with us this year. He shared and sang and played the piano at the end of the testimonies, and the presence of the Holy Spirit filled us all as he dedicated our conference room to the Lord. What a blessing!

We will have a second Thanksgiving celebration next Friday night, the 3rd of December. We are having this celebration due to the continuing danger of Covid here in Guatemala. But we are really looking forward with great anticipation to the blessings that the Lord will pour out when we are all gathered together with these friends and pastors and their children, praise God.

We praise the Lord for the donations that have been made toward the purchase of land for our beloved carpenter. We have $3000 so far, but will need at least twice that much to buy a lot. Thank you for your prayers and please keep praying that the Lord will touch many people’s hearts to help with this project. Our carpenter is a dear Chortí friend that we have known since he was very young when we first came to Guatemala and has been working with us and building our beautiful furniture in the kitchen and the conference room for the last several years. But the house that he lives in is horrible, but it is what he received from his father as an inheritance. The ground that the house is built on is very unstable, and when it rains it erodes badly. So you can see that this is a genuine need for this humble Christian man.

Since we returned from the United States 11 days ago, we literally hit the ground running. The next few weeks will be filled with joyful activities since our granddaughter, Katie, will be married here in Guatemala on December 10th. And then comes our precious Christmas season to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We would appreciate your prayers for strength and that we would not lose sight of the fact that Jesus is the reason for this holy season.

We also pray for you all during this busy time, and want to tell you how much we appreciate your love, prayers, and support.

Yours in His service,

John and Diana Lubeck

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