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Dear Knee Mail Buddies,

  Today, 77 years ago, Diana Lee Thompson was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, in the Naval Hospital. My parents had been married for nine years without the blessing of children and miraculously, in 1944, I was conceived. My parents celebrated my birth while the world was hoping and praying for the end of World War II.
I am so thankful for my parents, who loved the Lord Jesus, and demonstrated that love by loving each other and loving me. They also showed great love for God when they gave John and me their blessing to serve the Lord as foreign missionaries. At that time I didn’t realize what a huge sacrifice it was for them to send me, their only child, to Guatemala with their blessings. But now, since my mom and dad are in heaven and have been for many years, Guatemala and the Chortí people have come to be family with us, just as God called us to be nearly 50 years ago. So I continue to be thankful to my mom and dad for their willingness to allow me to obey the Lord and His sacred calling to serve Him here among the Chortí people.
  We praise God that at our ages He continues to give us strength and energy to work on the Chortí Old Testament translation, on the Chortí children’s radio programs, and the frosting on my birthday cake is our ministry with the precious Chortí children’s Angel Choir. What a blessing it is for us to still be so involved in ministry here in Guatemala. The 55 Chortí children in the choir have stolen our hearts. Next Wednesday, June 15th, a Christian cable TV station is coming to film and record the Angel Choir right here in our conference room. We would appreciate your prayers for this event. We love these children so much. They are growing in the Lord and singing to Him with all their hearts. One family especially needs your prayers right now. Their dad, who was working in the US, died in an accident. Please pray for them that God will bring comfort to their hearts. We have two of their family’s children in the choir and many more nieces and nephews. I know the Lord put them in our lives for such a time as this.
 Every Wednesday at 2 PM, we arrange for the children to be brought in the back of two pickup trucks to have their 2 ½ hour choir practice here in our conference room. This way our years of ministering to the kids is being extended because we are not traveling on the bad roads or climbing the steep trails to get to their churches every week. The kids are delighted for the weekly adventure and they love being in our home. We are also blessed as their parents trust us to take care of and teach their children. And the teaching that we are doing from God’s Word is very deep, and we trust that it will prepare them for a life of godliness.
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John and Javier continue working on the book of Psalms. What a mammoth job. But the Psalms are so important because they are full of the wisdom and blessings of God.

         The Chortí children’s radio program which is called “Learning God’s Word with Mama Diana and Papa Juanito” continues to be aired every Saturday morning at 10:30. This radio station reaches the whole Chortí area, praise God! And we have heard reports that some Chortí speakers in the US are also listening to this program on Internet!

         We so appreciate your love, prayers, and support. Please pray for the monthly expenses for our entire team. Food costs have doubled for our team of 11 people. The choir’s expenses are extremely high. And our utilities are costing more each month. And since we are expecting special visitors from the United States the end of July, we are endeavoring to clean up and paint neglected areas of our property. All of this needs extra blessings from above. And your prayers are needed to help make this happen. “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” (James 5:16b (NLT)

We are also praying for all of you because we know that prices are going up all over our world, and we know that this affects you all as well. But we also know that when we all pray, miracles happen!

         God bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you and give you peace.

Joyfully in Jesus,

John and Diana Lubeck

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