Before beginning please read carefully
If you plan to give to more than one Ministry fund you will need to sign up either on website or on your
phone.  You can give up to 4 Ministry funds at one time.  There is a video below that will give instructions
on how to download the app.
Online Giving Instructions (both for website and phone)
Click on Give button
Follow the form and fill out accordingly
***Note: Our General Fund is where Tithe/Offerings go unless otherwise directed by 
              selecting a designated fund to give to***
You can use Credit/Debit Card or your bank checking account
If you wish to help the Church with the fees scroll down on form and click on the box Cover Fees
(Fee Costs:  MC/Visa 2.9% +.30cents,  Amex 3.5% + .30cents,  ACH/Bank 1% + .30cents)
Once you have completed form click Give and at the bottom of the form will be your total
You will receive an email confirmation