This Vision Statement is intended to describe a desired future of LRCC…
    “The following vision statement is a picture of how our church will look when we begin to fulfill the vision I believe God has given us to pursue as a church”
    –David Rice, Pastor

…and is therefore written in the present tense as if it has already been fulfilled…

    “We fully support our Pastor’s Vision for the desired future of our church and challenge every member of our church family to fully understand its content.”
    –LRCC Elders

… so that when the day comes when it truthfully and accurately describes our church, then we will know this vision has been fulfilled.

Christ in us…
Loma Rica Community Church is a diverse family of people who are united by the compelling personality and person of Jesus Christ. Our attraction to Jesus is the key to who we are and who we seek to be. The witness of the Bible is: “For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form” (Colossians 2:9). This is not only a great theological truth, but also an insight into the ultimate purpose of human existence. People exist to experience and display the very life of God. The life of God is in its essence personal and relational. This means that our lives are designed to experience and practice right relationships with God who is personal, and with one another.

We listen to His instruction about how to live, and then do what He says
The life of Jesus Christ alone brings us into relationship with the Heavenly Father. So it is essential that every individual possess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship with Jesus is not a friendship among equals, but the friendship of a learner to the Master Teacher in the things of life and love – Jesus is Lord, or Master, of our lives. We listen to His instruction about how to live, and then we do what He says. Our relationship with God the Father is as a child depending upon Him for all the needs and pleasures of life. We are helped, and kept in our relationship with the Father and the Son, through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Worship is both an event and a lifestyle
We practice relationship with God through worship. Music is the language of the soul, and though the music of worship we experience intimacy with God. Thoughts put into words is the language of the mind, and God has designed us with the ability to communicate with Himself through His Word (The Bible), and our words. So we seriously listen to God though the words and thoughts of the Bible, and express our deepest thoughts to Him in prayer.

Celebrate our differences as we grow to know Christ together
At Loma Rica Community Church, we have activities for every age, because people of all ages need to experience and practice right relationships with God and one another. We know that we need each other to experience and grow in our relationship with Jesus, so we have active groups of many varieties to attract and help people with many different interests and needs grow to know Christ better.

Serve God, serve one another
We believe there are many ways to serve God and one another that contribute to building healthier relationships, so every person is actively serving others through the particular abilities and interests each possesses.


We recognize that the life we experience and share with God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son, is desperately needed by every person in the entire world. Therefore, we are active in introducing people to Jesus Christ in or individual spheres of influence, in our community, and through several partnerships in mission work around the world. We have a particular emphasis on reaching children and young people in the Yuba County foothills, and strengthening families so that every family will be a school of healthy relationships for it members.


Every person in the Loma Rica Community Church family participates in a weekly worship service, a weekly group where each person is known well and experiences accountability for obedience to Christ and prayer for personal needs, and is involved weekly in an intentional activity for the purpose of serving others.

Relationships are most important
Loma Rica Community Church is a place where relationships are most important. How we treat and care for one another is the evidence of, or denial of, Jesus Christ’s life within and among us.

…so that when the day comes when these words truthfully and accurately describe our church, then we will know this vision has been fulfilled.